The UK in numbers III

  • childcare vouchers provided by 35,000 employers saved Britain’s ‘squeezed middle’ £500m for 2008-09
  • 105 board members of Network Rail don’t want to cut their numbers to only 30 as such a cut is seen by them as “at bit like turkeys voting for Christmas
  • officially and as of Q2 2009 the public sector employment totalled 6.039 million, actual number is 6.7 million
  • 21.1% of labour market employed in the UK public sector
  • £200 billion or 1/3 of all UK gilts hold by overseas investors

overseas holding of uk guilts 2009

  • deficit of £175 billion worth 12.4% of gross domestic product, the worst in the G20
  • £6.8 billion deficit of BT’s pension fund
  • £9.3 billion budget for the Olympics in London 2012

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