Taking drugs when you are pregnant – Search and contextuality


While looking at the traffic logs of Acute accent, I stumbled upon this query: what happens if you are taking drugs when you are pregnant. I haven’t written about drugs, and certainly not about taking them while pregnant. So why would this blog rank anywhere in any search engine for this query?

Well, Yahoo Search picked the word “happens” from one post dated October 25th, 2007, Citibank data protection, or this one of October 15th, 2007 ZrSiO­4 and nuclear waste and the term “pregnant” from this one of July 21st, 2007, Spanish judge shuts down satirical magazine.

The most important term of the query “drugs“, was completely absent from the site. Not happy with that, Yahoo ranks Acute accent in the 2nd position by matching two secondary terms, pregnant and happens.

Search results change all the time, so here is the snapshot of the serp page as illustration:
Search and contextuality.

It would be fair now that Yahoo! Search made me write about drugs, but also maybe start using it as a search engine when I am up for for exciting surprises in search results!

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