SWIFT codes for US banks


In order to send a payment to the desired destination in the United States of America you need to take in consideration a few requirements for telegraphic transfers:

  • Account Number
  • A Fedwire Number / ABA or Routing Number is a 9 digit number ( is similar to Australia’s BSB system ). Payments to Credit Unions must have a Fedwire Number.
  • If a CHIPS Routing number or Fedwire / ABA is provided do not supply a US swift code (BIC or Bank Identification Code) instead
    include as much of the Bank’s address as given.
  • If a Fedwire / ABA or CHIPS Routing number is not supplied a SWIFT BIC IS Mandatory. A SWIFT code is 8 or 11 characters
    long, e.g. MLCOUS33, where MLCO = Merrill Lynch bank, CC = US or United States and 33 = Branch

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