Small print in Yoigo´s mobile Internet offer


A couple of years after my post about mobile Internet in Spain, a few things changed for those interested in connecting to the Net on the move:

3€/day on pay-as-you-go buys you 100 MB a day. You can get that from Yoigo, the Scandinavian MVNO that challenges the three incumbent (Movistar-Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange). Yoigo profusely advertises 29€ for a USB dongle with 5€ credit of data. Their offer cleverly hides two catches in their small print: 1. a minimum charge of 6€ per month, whatever the use and 2. cancellation of the SIM card past 6 months of inactivity.

– Nowadays the number of Wi-Fi access points have multiplied several fold. Cities and towns are densely populated streets in Spain, so your scanning lists dozens of access points.

– The preferred method of WiFI encryption is WEP. Sniffing passwords from hotels, etc. is no longer something anyone can boast about these days.

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