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Google usually does a very good job at finding relevant search results for most queries of an average user. What follows is an example of a very wrong set of results that I just found.

Google ranks the post of this blog “Camidoc, a couple of good experiences” on the 11th position for a search of only “Camidoc”, an out of hours cooperative of GPs in North London. Just that shows how the search engines is biased to blogs for not competitive terms. This blog is not about health services or similar and the post is a few years old, so Query Deserves Freshness cannot be operating here.

Which makes me wonder, why the Mirror ranks on 7th position with the page that has NO content relevant to Camidoc whatsoever?

The page of the Guardian, who rank 5th, at least has the address of one of the services of Camidoc and just one block of Adsense. The anatomy of the top ten results is:

– Camidoc official websites

– Adsense sites, divided in

  • Empty pages of newspapers
  • Smaller sites: Robtex, Cqcounter

Deeper in the 2nd and 3rd SERPs you do find articles and pages that are genuinely relevant to the query.

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