Regis Road – A recycling odyssey in Camden, London


The mission
I had to travel almost 6 kilometers to dispose of some household recyclable waste from the leafy surroundings of North West London to Regis Road in Kentish Town, Camden, in London.

An immigrant. That’s right, some immigrants not only work hard AND pay lots of taxes, they are also ready to waste their time blogging about their waste…

A short lived Canon i350 printer, a couple of obsolete electronics, like processors, hard drive, floppy driver, a bunch of alkaline batteries and a few other widgets.

The odyssey

I jumped on my bike with the highest spirits. I always admired how cab drivers find their way from my house to the Royal Free Hospital for instance.

Hampstead Heath High Street and saw all those European-dressing like people, I knew I was going to make it. It was a matter of negotiating the narrow Savernake Road and reaching Gospel Oaks train station.

Oops, that trolley needs a recycling too!

Finally, the fancy offices of Camden in Regis Road…

…and the target, the depot!

That was a total of 5.8 kilometers and twenty five minutes.

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