Reasons to hate Ryanair


Laura Whateley’s funny yet acurate article about Ryanair shortlisted 20 twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair for The Times:

1. 1p flights are never 1p
2. The check-in charge
3. The baggage charge
4. The sneaky weight limit
5. Queues glorious queues
6. The additional baggage charge
7. The website is rubbish. On purpose.
8. Premium rate internet helpline
9. You can only fly cheap mid week
10. You have to travel at obscene hours.
11. The destination airports are in the middle of nowhere.
12. A bottle of water on board costs £3
13. Sweaty, plasticky seats
14. The in-flight musak
15. The fanfare
16. You can’t book a seat
17. No refunds, ever
18. Poor compensation
19. You are always being flogged stuff
20. Michael O’Leary himself

This is my list of things that I do not like about Rynair:
1. The PR employees of Ryanair
2. The subsidies that local authorities pay to Ryanair
3. The former Ryanair customers who bought houses in Europe that they now cannot visit because Ryanair cancelled the route to their local airport
4. Having to explain to friends and family how to checkout on Ryanair’s site
5. Having to explain to friends and family why did you ever fly Ryanair in the first place
6. Having to explain to friends and family that you did pay more that one hundred and fifty pounds for your return flight

7 thoughts on “Reasons to hate Ryanair

  1. Having to tell to friends and family all that went wrong with Ryanair and then having to listen to they own stories if you started it.

  2. This is a great list. We hate the thieving bastards too and the scams they employ to rip us all off.

  3. I hate Ryan air with a passion I wish they would go bust, I went BA this year and what a difference! will never fly with the robbing *****s ever again.


  4. I have never had a problem with Ryanair. I did get a flight where I paid only a penny. At that time I used a Visa Electron card to avoid the fees. If you play the game you can travel very cheap. I don’t know what what people expect. I can fly all over Europe cheaper than a train ticket to London.

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