Portable music player Sansa Clip Plus


Having used an iPod, I find that, in comparison, my Sansa Clip+ is in a planet of its own. What I like most about it:

Good sound quality
Best with a Sennheiser CX300

Drag and drop files on Linux, Mac and Windows

No clunky software like Sony’s or Apple’s.
I can mount my Clip+ by setting from the Main Menu > Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC on Linux (Ubuntu). For Windows, select MTP as USB mode.

Intuitive and simple menu
No fancy effects in the browsing, the bright and austere display is quick, comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Ultralight and small
23 g and the size of a box of matches

Plays ogg files, not only mp3
No proprietary restrictions on audio formats.

Quick charge with a USB power universal wall plug
And battery life is probably close to the advertised 15 hours.


  • SanDisk support is very poor so I hope I don’t need them.
  • I cannot mount the device on a Mac computer even with the USB mode MSC
  • Default USB mode to Autodetect does not work on Windows. It has to be set to MTP mode.
  • Having to select Americas as location because European regulations impose the ‘low volume’ mode settings.

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