Ofwat to be rehauled


I keep track of the updates of the Ofwat since since I wrote a post about the drought in London (in Spanish la lluvia en Londres no evita la sequía).

I am curious about the new figures of leakage of water in London. If the investment in replacing the distribution system is effective they must go down from previous annual records.

Unfortunately the section of the web site that is supposed to link to the reports of the regulator failed to produce any link of substance in the last 12 months.

News broke today in a few channels about the coalition government appointing David Gray, former networks head for Ofgem as the auditor of Ofwat and its “value for money”/

The lobby, Water UK, was quick to respond, which Acuteaccent translates here to plain English: “We want to make yet more money, just do not drag this review, investors hate uncertainty”.

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