Neighbours prevent the installation of a mobile phone mast


A group of neighbours in North West London, NW6 2PH, managed to prevent the installation of a mobile phone mast at the corner of Dynham Road and West End Lane.

Orange PCS Ltd requested in 2006 approval to install an eight meters tall pole and a cabinet in a paved area at the junction of Dynham Road and West End Lane.

A number of neighbours of Dynham Road and its adjacent streets protested against the negative consequences of the pole and cabinet for the pedestrian movement and the potential, yet unknown, impact on the health of the residents of the area.

Having appealed to Camden Council and Glenda Jackson, M.P. at the House Commons, the neighbours managed to have the development order refused to Orange. After a few months, I received a letter by Glenda Jackson announcing that the appeal by Orange against the refusal was denied. Her letter attaches the Appeal Decision by Chris Frost, Inspector at the Planning Inspectorate in Bristo, dated May 18th, 2007.

The Inspector’s reasons to dismiss Orange’s appeal are:

1. Pedestrians would be inconvenienced by the pole and cabinet

2. The pole would not stand alone among other signs and lamp posts but it would have add to the current visual clutter in a small degree

3. The installation would have failed to preserve the character of the Swiss Cottage Conservation Area.

4. The ‘coverage hole’ claimed by Orange is very largely outside the Conservation Area.

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