Methodology of Digital Analytics in Ecommerce


Components of a team of Digital Analytics

  • Someone who can tell what the business objectives are
  • Someone who understand analytics, the tools and what to expect from a measurement plan
  • Someone with technical skills, typically a programmer with knowledge of Javascript, jquery, AJAX, Angular.js, etc.

Research pre-implementation of Digital Analytics

  • Briefing from the business stakeholder: objectives of a measurement plan can be for instance to get information about sales and the performance of campaigns on a daily basis rather than monthly.
  • Meeting with the technical team: history of the server technology and implementation.
  • Get together the analytics expert and the developers to implement the measurement plan.
  • Gather data, analyse it and discuss it with the business stakeholders. Are the data good and sufficient? What needs to change in the plan?

5 steps of Digital Analytics

  1. document business objectives
  2. identify strategies and tactics. Examples of tactics are selling online products or services
  3. define Key Performance Indicators KPIs. Example: total revenue and average value per transaction or order
  4. choose segments. Example: marketing channel like email campaigns
  5. choose targets


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