LinkedIn downgrading of Business Premium subscription


LinkedIn used to be probably one the best open social networks out there. Occasionally I paid for their non-free accounts for very specific purposes and for brief periods of time. When I got what I needed I cancelled the premium subscription The web site does not offer a menu to cancel the premium subscription. However a simple email to customer services used to sort out the problem.

I kept a premium account for three months and then I sent filled a form as they instruct in their help section:

To downgrade to a lower premium account, follow the steps below:
1. Click Downgrade Your Premium Account.
2. Complete the form and tell us which premium account level you want to downgrade to (e.g., ‘I would like to change to Business account’).
3. Click on ‘Continue’.

A request to cancel your premium account switches your premium account to a free account. Cancellation will end billing and remove access to any premium features at the end of your current billing cycle.

To my surprise, they did not do so. Instead, they sent me this email:

Response (LinkedIn – Name) – Date – Time
Dear Name,

Thank you for contacting LinkedIn Customer Support. We are happy to assist you, however prior to moving forward I would like to review your account with you please contact me at the number below or provide a phone number and convenient time to reach you. I look forward to speaking with you.
LinkedIn Subscription Services


Do I really have to speak with someone in the US in order to stop paying for a service that is, basically, a monthly subscription of $31?

I did call them, I spoke with the operator and answered her two or three question. One day later, they downgraded my subscription back to free. What is wrong with LinkedIn?

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