I do not want to be a banker any more


Actually, I never wanted to be a banker. The nearest I ever got to understanding the mind of a banking as a business was during my Master in Business Administration. The programme of my MBA included a last quarter of finance, business law, etc. I chose specializing in corporate finance. I had no idea what was about but I guessed that it would not be boring since it at least included a little bit of (basic) mathematics. I was also intrigued by the reputation of our teacher, a no-holds-bar passionate about stock markets and financial analysis. My choice proved right and I got interested in subjects like financial projections, leverage ratios, cash flow, etc.

Accountancy is the necessary evil of finances. I never got to respect the discipline, but it got worse when we got deeper into the mechanics of the balances and profit and loss accounts. When we touched on the subject of balances and P&L of banks, the level of abstraction became a bit metaphisical. I believe that our teachers secretively gave up hope to teach them credibly.

The wildest dream of many of my classmates was to work for a large bank or a corporation. More a decade later, bankers and stock traders are suffering a small problem of public relations. But they might soon be replaced by securities operators in the public psyche. More about hedge funds and high-frequency trading firms soon.

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