Fitting a Whispbar rack onto the roof of a Peugeot 308 carrier

Bars fit on carrier

The Thule roof rack systems keep their premium reputation among outdoors users. The Whispbar brand from New Zealand is a challenger in a market dominated by Thule from Sweden. The former’s unique selling points are being -they claim- aerodynamic, which in turn makes them quieter and more fuel-efficent. Yakima, another manufacturer, acquired Whispbar.

For the uninitiated, Thule bars were traditionally recognised for their square section, the Yakima ones for their circular section and the Whispbar for their oval one. Other brands are Atera from Germany. All of them are fitted to carry bicycles, skis, surfboards and roof boxes.

The Whispbar racks are designed to fit many cars. Included in the package will be parts that will not get used. Leave all the unused parts and the instructions in the box for future use or if you ever get rid of the rack.

The Whispbar S25 flush bar and the K466W fitting kit can be installed on basic carriers like a Peugeot 308 SP.

Whispbar S25 flush bar

The K466W contains 4 x clamp blocks. They are not supposed to fit anywhere. The clamp bocks won’t be used on your Peugeot so they can be discarded. The clamps you will use have a opening in the center for the silver screw to pass through.

The clamp blocks of the K466W
The clamp blocks of the K466W

Whispbar K466W fitting kit

The S25 package contains 4 x 11-04-216. They are too low the Peugeot 308. Instead you can fit the 2 x 11-04-229 and the 2 x 11-04-230 of the K466W to the car. You can see the difference in relative heights on the picture. The larger (11-04-229 / 11-04-230) are the proper bases for this model of automobile. They are labeled on the bottom and correspond to a specific side of the bar.

Bases 2 x 11-04-229 and the 2 x 11-04-230 of the K466W
Bases 11-04-229 and the 2 x 11-04-230 of the K466W

When you tighten down the red nut, you will compress the rubber pads and they won’t be as high as before. A good tip when tightening that nut is to make sure that the rubber bases are not folding under themselves while you compress them.

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