Costa del Despair – British expats in Spain


– The nose-diving currency exchange rate of the sterling turn Britons into residents with no spare cash to spend
– Most Britons bought cheap flats on the conspicuously over-concreted costas that do not have a way back to the market anymore
– The increasing defaults of British expats with low incomes that can not pay their mortgages weight on the provisions that Spanish banks need to raise to meet banking standards by the Banco de España

– Unemployment in Spain is high and rising, so only the most qualified individuals with full command of Spanish and English have some chances to get a job

British trash binge drinking costa Spain
Photo by Christopher PLEDGER

– British expats only pay for a few local taxes however, contrary to working immigrants in Spain, retired Britons drain the resources of the efficient but overstretched Spanish NHS
– The collapsing welfare system in the UK and the growing rates of unemployment block the return home of most Britons in working age

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