Camidoc – a couple of good experiences


Camidoc provides urgent medical care in North London. I hadn’t heard about the service until our little baby suffered from fever late at night during a weekend. We phoned Camidoc at 020 7388 5800 and they returned our call a few minutes later. After a few questions, the baby was prescribed a couple of generic medicines.

We were called again a few minutes later to inform that we would eventually be visited by a GP. The doctor arrived a few minutes later and checked the baby, diagnosed the problem, gave us a medicine and precise instructions for its administration. The baby got his fever down from 40.3º to a less concerning 37.5º and he could sleep almost all night long.

In another occasion, again late at night during a weekend, the baby was ill. We called Camidoc and we were advised to go the hospital rather than waiting for a GP visiting the area to become available. Our nearest hospital is the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, but we would have to wait there. We were told that the baby would be immediately seen at St Pancras Hospital.

When we arrived to the Bloomsbury building in St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PE we found no reception or anything like that at the entrance. On the left there is a tiny call center of around eight people taking calls from patients. One of them told us to wait a doctor to call us. A few minutes later, a doctor was checked the baby and diagnosed the problem, which wasn’t serious. Back at home, the baby began to get better.

So this public service worked for us when we needed it most. I hope it is still there if any other night we need it.

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