Best animations of Juan Carlos vs. Hugo Chavez


The best animated gif about King Juan Carlos of Spain rebuking Hugo Chavez of Venezuela:

King Juan Carlos 300
Source: Author: unknown

The later was repeatedly interrupting Spain’s Prime Minister’s speech at the Ibero-american summit this weekend.

And the best video clip:

Prime Minister Zapatero was delivering his closing speech to the jefes de Estado at the Ibero-american summit this week-end when Mr Chavez, undeterred by the fact that it wasn’t his turn and that his microphone was turned off, shouted insults to Aznar, the former Spanish Prime Minister, the US, fascists and snakes (sic).King Juan Carlos had enough and shouted: Shut up! The host of the summit, the Chilean Prime Minister, intervened to abort further tirades from Mr. Ch├ívez.

Chávez is particularly fond of inflicting populist radio programs to Venezuelans as well as of throwing several hours long speeches to Cubans. He once famously attributed stink at the United Nations tribune to the presence of George W. Bush, the devil, the previous day.

While Juan Carlos de Borb├│n’s outburst made many Spaniards smile, Ch├ívez keeps chasing the ghosts of the coup d’etat that removed him from office a few years ago. The monarchy in Spain is in the news a lot recently, either by their own account or by unsolicited attention.

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