The UK in numbers I


This may be the first series of randomly picked figures about the UK. Disclaimer: the quality and veracity of the numbers below is as good as the quality of the source.


  1. 16% of the population in London in 2001 declare to have no religion. The highest rates in England and Wales were Norwich (28%), Brighton and Hove, and Cambridge (both 27%); these are all university towns. Source:
  2. an electronic transfer between bank accounts in the UK takes three (3) days to reach the destination account?
  3. 57% of the 360,000 drivers fined for speeding in London in 20007 either refused to pay or ignored the fines (source: London Safety Camera Partnership)
  4. A ten kilometers journey in black cab after 8 pm costs an average of £20 in London, which compares to Paris £9 (source: Transport for London)
  5. The liabilities of British Airways’ pension fund are around £35 billion – The company market capitalisation is £21 billion (source: British Airways)
  6. £90 billion of Northern Rock’s debt to add to public books since the crisis exploded in 2007, around 6.7 per cent of gross domestic product (source: (Office for National Statistics)
  7. 16.3 m2 is average room size of all dwellings in Britain, the lowest in Europe (source Comparative Study of the Control and Promotion of Quality in Housing in Europe, ODPM)

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