The SEO of and the Origin of the Species


Think about an organization with deep pockets, with proselitism as its raison dêtre and with a target audience as wide as the Mankind. No, it’s not X-Factor or the UEFA,  it is the Catholic Church and its management, the Holy See. I will be on it soon.

I am reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses, by Laclos, these days, partly because I was looking for any novel in French at home. There are a few Internet users in the US that read books. That is newsworthy surely but the killer statistic is that 20% have at least read an e-book already. Never mind, I will be a late adopter. I am looking forward to the coming war between the Sony, Apple and Amazon. It will push forward the technology, its features and its costs.

In the meantime, I wonder if the biggest bookseller in History, the Bible, was available in e-book format. Sure, the Vatican offers a Bible online. Two thousand years of monopoly of the Western religion surely produces more documents than the 250,000 that Google index of But admittedly for such a traditional institution, the  SEO of the site is not that bad: among other reasons, because only 80% of those pages are in Google’s “supplemental index”.

Now guess which other superpower manages the online search of the Holy See, Google of course.

Alas, Google doesn’t work very well on the Vatican’s site. For starters, and for some very odd reason, a search for the “Origin of the Species” does not produce any results.

The Vatican’s Secret Archives -formerly– is a whole section of the site that deserves some research in its own right.

Same post in SEO del Vaticano by Acento Agudo.

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