Swan invasion


Swans have a tainted reputation of serving as tacky symbols of tender love and aristrocatic elegance.

You only need to see the picture of the entry ‘Swan’ at the otherwise self-restrained Wikipedia. Or any porcelain sculpture from Lladró or other purveyors in bad taste.

I remember having seen a couple of swans taking care of their eggs at Canada Water. The nest was anchored in the middle of a canal only a few meters away from a pedestrian bridge. Unfortunately the eggs were abandoned before hatching, probably by too much disturbance from passers by.

I wasn’t prepared to change my perception of swans as a nasty plague…

While visiting the popular riverside of Kingston-upon-Thames I saw the densest concentration of huge white swans that I have ever seen.

I took the following picture from the left side of the Thames, by the Barge Walk.

Now look closer. Just below the bridge over Charter Quay there are literally dozens of those pesky huge monsters.

I suspect that the culprits are on the boat on the right of the picture. They must be feeding those beasts day and night. The phenomenon is clearly out of hand now and it can even be seen from satellites. The proof?

This is a recent view from Google Maps of the epicenter of this public health disaster.

These are the coordinates in case the Army, or the Navy for that sake, decide to take action: 51.4122, -0.3042 to 51.4068, -0.3139.

And this is a view from one of the flats whose price must be plummeting down:

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