Sparrows in London


After a few years living in London, the sound of the strong calls of the house sparrows (Passer domesticus L.) becomes as unfamiliar as the sound of the waves in the sea or the silence. The only place where I always heard and watched sparrows is a tiny little park in the heart of the city: Drury Lane WC2B.

It is a small garden with a minuscule recreation ground for children. It hosts a few couples of very active sparrows

Park with House sparrows in London

The sparrows have been there, possibly breeding, at least since 2006, when I joined a company whose offices where nearby. Sometimes, usually when it was sunny no matter which seasons, some colleagues and I used to have lunch there. This spring of 2010 the sparrows where there when I visited the garden once again.

I have no clue about why the sparrows reside in that diminutive green spot in the middle of a city that seemingly offers no other sanctuary to the species in a radius of a few miles. I have not seen sparrows feeding in the surrounding streets nor even near the river by Victory Embankment.

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