Spanish judge shuts down satirical magazine


A a judge, Juan del Olmo, to shut down the website of El Jueves, a popular weekly magazine in Spain yesterday.

The instruction was issued following a complaint about a cartoon depicting Felipe de Borbón, son of the king of Spain, having sex with his wife.

El Jueves is a satirical weekly roughly in the same niche as Le Canard enchaîné or Private Eye. El Jueves specializes in political humour and social satire profusely spiced up with sexual material. Its trademark gross style is, more often than not, is cheap and boring.

The authors of the cartoon, the cartoonist Guillermo and script writer Manel Fontdevilla, point out the judge’s decision is back firing since the news were so viral that many people that would not have been exposed to the front page now have seen it.

As I write this, the front page is flying across Internet and the blogosphere. The fiscal Miguel Ángel Carballo demands additional measures against El Jueves. His boss, the top fiscal, Cándido Conde-Pumpido, has endored this decision by describing the publication as “obscene” and “abusing”.

The cartoon illustrates a recent Government pledge of 2,500 € for each born child. The royal couple have two baby daughters. The pregnancies of the princess were matter of national interest in the Spanish public life and media.

2 thoughts on “Spanish judge shuts down satirical magazine

  1. Esta portada más que una manera de denunciar la vida laboral del principe, (sus asuntos de corona) denuncia la mala situación de muchos trabajadores en precario que las pasan canutas para consegir hasta lo más necesario como una casa, dado el alto precio de las mismas y la subida galopante de los tipos de interes, esta claro cuando el petroleo escasee dentro de unos años, y la vida se ponga insostenible…se más de una cabeza que puede rodar…angel.

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