SEO for Bing – nostalgia of the Google days


The share of Bing in the US, where Google captures 75% of all searches, increase at a monthly rate of 1%. In Europe Google is yet more dominant with more than 85% of share.

European SEO watch the growth of Bing with some interest. Doing SEO for Bing is probably more boring than doing it for Google. Bing takes longer to index, it is over-sensitive to popularity of links and the occurrence of keywords in the URI.

Many online businesses need SEO to survive or exist. The dependency on SEO is usually in more than one way:

  • upstream: traffic acquisition
  • downstream: revenues from Adsense

Those who celebrate the advent of Bing are in fact hoping to not depend exclusively on Google to make some money with Adsense.

However, doing SEO for another significant search engine presents a few problems, among them:

  • duplication of the resources to obtain and analyse data
  • decision making would become a dilema without a clear cut evaluation outcome
  • the ROI of the incremental SEO would not be directly proportional to the investment

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