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I visited a richersounds shop in London with the idea of spending not more than £20 in a pair of headphones. An assistant showed me three models, one of which he vaguely described as the best in the catalogue:

headphones Only their price was £39.95. A Sennheiser CX300. Wow! I never had heard about either the headphones or the brand. They looked good and I tried to read about the ohms and the impedance in the specs on the box. I quite never understood those parameters. Meanwhile the assistant remained quite, but in a notorious way as if making the point that his explanations where sufficiently illuminating for me to make the making the decision about the purchase. I was on the brink when, I admit, my spending hours in Internet clicked in. I decided that if I spent some minutes in Internet, the chances were that I could find a much better price…

And I did. After looking into pricerunner and two other price comparison sites I saw that amazon were the cheapest: £14.99 excluding postage & packing.

I had ordered a gizmo to Amazon in the past and I found that it didn’t work with Linux. I returned it, no questions asked and my money was back in my bank account almost as quick as it took the parcel to reach Amazon’s warehouse.

I also spent some time reading other customers’ feedback about the headphones. I may not be that good in detecting spam from the manufacturers, but most posts seemed genuine comments by users.

So with this reassurance I decided to go ahead and order the now not so expensive toy. The only inconvenience I found in the checkout process were the confusion created by the added charges of postage & packing, and then VAT before calculating the final price.

But other than that, I had my headphones delivered in 24 hours and correctly packaged.

The headphones have a nice bass grunt, fit comfortably on the ears and sound great.

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  1. Make sure that you glue the ear plugs to the ear buds so that you don’t keep losing them. There is no replacement!!

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