Problems with Easyjet’s Customer Service


On the phone

Airline customers are used to manage their bookings online. For many, when something is wrong, the web site is simply not enough. They need to “speak” with someone about their bookings or flights. It is not easy however to get Easyjet representatives on the phone
  • Easyjet services its contact telephone numbers during working hours in weekdays only
  • Customer service calls cost a euro a minute
For instance, Calling From SpainContact Number (Spanish speaking) 902 599 900 Calls to this number will be charged at EUR 0.083 per minute from a landline. Mobile charges may be higher. Opening Hours Daily 08:00 – 20:00
Staff at the customer contact centre have no insight into the problem that caused the customer to reach out for assistance in the first place. The customer service team is based, at least partially, in India.
By email
Emails from Easyjet Customer Services use the addresses The registrant of that domain name:  Oracle Corporation,  500 Oracle Parkway,  M/S 501ip3,  Redwood Shores, CA 94065, US. This does not match the registrant of the domain EasyGroup IP Licensing Limited, The Rotunda 42-43 Gloucester Crescent, London, NW1 7DL or the address of easyJet Airline Company Limited Customer Service Hangar 89 London Luton Airport Luton LU2 9PF
By web contact form
It is very hard to find Easyjet’s contact form. It is buried in the browsing past a help board. In order to get there you have to skip over a Q&A process. You may find it here. It shows no information about lead times to answer back queries.
On Twitter
Easyjet does not offer alternatives to their web site like Twitter. As a frustrated customer put it, “What is the point of being on here if you [Easyjet]’re not here to help customers?” The name of Easyjet’s customer service division is Easyjetcare. Confusingly, the account name @easyjetcare is not the airline’s.
Customer service boards operated by 3rd parties
GetSatisfaction is discontinued by the airline.
What is wrong with Easyjet’s Customer Service?
Call centres are the usual corporate answer to this need. However, research from Forrester revealed that just 49% of customers are “satisfied” with transitions from the web to the phone. A crowdsourced service, CustomerService Scoreboard, reports very low Easyjets satisfaction scores.
Online reputation case studies
You can disappoint many once. You can disappoint a few all the time. But you cannot disappoint to many all the time. Some customers use Twitter to vent their frustration with the carrier:
Can Easyjet target business travellers with a poor customer service experience?
Easyjet is investing in their business travel program. From Easyjet:
One in five of our passengers are business customers. We make up over 40% of Gatwick’s flights by volume and we fly to more of the top 100 European destinations than any other airline. We also take people to central airports. And we have easyJet service – nice people on the planes.

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