SEMrush or Searchmetrics


SEMrush and Searchmetrics are two well-know Data As A Service vendors in the search marketing community.
Many projects of SEO, SEM and social networks require research and monitoring. The pricing of both Searchmetrics and SEMrush is similar: monthly recurring fees for around $100 for basic features.

Keyword research

Now, one of the key features of these services are providing data about search keywords on the major search engines (Google) in the largest markets.
The data of keywords are typically used to understand the reach and depth of search engine positioning of websites. This in turns allow to map these websites in their category and in relative terms to their competitors.

Benchmark and methodology

In order to evaluate the quality and relevancy of data available at SEMrush and Searchmetrics.
Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient
It assesses how well the relationship between two ordinal variables.
The Spearman’s rho is a nonparametric measure of statistical dependence between two variables
> kws.correlation <- read.csv(“kws-correlation.csv”, na.strings=””)
> plot(kws.correlation)
> attach(kws.correlation)
> cor.test(gwt,semrush,method=”spearman”)
     Spearman’s rank correlation rho
data:  gwt and semrush
S = 14832, p-value = 4.411e-06
alternative hypothesis: true rho is not equal to 0
sample estimates:
> cor.test(gwt,searchmetrics,method=”spearman”)
     Spearman’s rank correlation rho
data:  gwt and searchmetrics
S = 7310, p-value = 0.007778
alternative hypothesis: true rho is not equal to 0
sample estimates:
> cor.test(semrush,searchmetrics,method=”spearman”)
     Spearman’s rank correlation rho
data:  semrush and searchmetrics
S = 2, p-value < 2.2e-16
alternative hypothesis: true rho is not equal to 0
sample estimates:

Rear mech hanger of the Ridgeback Meteor 2004

I found out that all bicycles with gears have a single Aquilles heel. The rear mech hanger of my Ridgeback Meteor has a crack. It is unsafe to ride the bike. The piece is made of aluminium.

Position of the hanger on the bike
Position of the hanger that attaches the chain system to the frame

The store where I bought the bike in London (Evanscycle) cannot locate its reference. Ridgeback does not does not provide the information online nor answer to emails enquiring about the hanger.

I ordered a gear mech derailler hanger on ebay to a French merchant, Alpine Bikers. They do not answer to questions on ebay but they do ship spares made of aluminium.


Reverse rear mech hangers Ridgeback Meteor 2004
Rear mech hangers Ridgeback Meteor 2004
rear mech hangers Ridgeback Meteor 2004 reverse
Reverse rear mech hangers Ridgeback Meteor 2004

If you think of the hanger as having the shape of a seahorse, the replacement piece has a mouth a bit too long. It cannot be attached to the frame for that reason. My local key-maker trimmed some 2 mm off the piece and the trick work: my bike is on the road again.

This is  the result and how it fitted back in its place.

Trimmed Ridgeback hanger
Hanger trimmed by our local key-cutter

There are protectors of derailleurs available that are worth considering for all-terrain bicycles. It you attach one protector to your bike, leave one of its two holes without screw; this way it still protects the derailleur from direct lateral impacts but it would break or twist where one of the screws is missing thus preventing further damage to the frame, which would be fatal to the bicicycle.

Casa Carolo in Barquillo, Madrid

We had a terrible experience with an apparently OK cocktail bar in C/ Barquillo 40, between Barrio de Justicia and Chueca.

The patrons are a mix of old people who can afford a to take their trophy wife for dinner on weekdays and groups of office workers who stop by for drinks. The bar can sit 20 people distributed in 6 tables. They have an area with couches that can hold 12 people.

We booked dinner for twelve people with 15 days in advance. The day before we had a phone call at 22:00 letting us know that they had accepted the booking a group of thirty people at the same time so that they would have to close the venue to host them and try too fit 2 large groups!

You can find on all the yellow-pages directories: 11870, eltenedor, yelp and tripadvisor.

Bicycle tyre Schwalbe Marathon Plus

The Schwalbe Marathon are remarkable tires. I think that I inadvertently rode for at least 100 kilometers (in consecutive riding sessions) with a grain of quartz embedded in the tyre.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire
Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire with a grain of quartz

According to a friend who regularly enrols in cycling expeditions in exotic countries, the tire is the primary choice for a world-trip because it’s so reliable.

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