Nothing against the UK, honest


This blog does not bear ill against the UK. This country however would benefit greatly if so many people were not living in denial. The line up of the UK as the weakest economy in Europe is offuscated by commentators by diverting the attention to other troubled economies.

Instead of admitting that the chances of a colossal economic cataclysm are alarmingly high, many comentators rubbish the recent financial situation of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.

The probable collapse of the debt burden and the sterling in 2010 calls for a reality check, pronto. The UK is a little country clinging to, but ignored by, the US. Berating the EU bureaucracy is cynical and pointless. The corruption of the UK political class and the burden of its gigantic public service (7 million public servants) should suffice to start sorting out its own house before criticizing others.

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