Notes of Mobile Analytics and Multichannel Marketing talk


Loose notes while attending the conference of @EnricQuintero

#iemetricas by @CarlosSaldana at IE Business School Nov 22nd 2011

Real life example of penetration of mobile for shopping: Prenatal as an example of the mobile QR codes ready but unknown/ignored by shop assistants
33% Spaniards une mobile Internet, 30% UK, 27% France
Smartphone use 46% while shopping in stores, 91% using a search engine
Spanish mobile sites are not trustworthy
Purchase is the result of different campaigns along the shopping process
Amari is Google analytics case study of multi-channel funnels
Sequential campaigns with multiple impacts increase conversions
Cross-channel interaction
case studies: IBM and Google
consumers research, compare and make purchase decisions via multiple touch points across different channels
send to offline from online: +25% purchase or +50% size chart
New parameters with unique call center telephone numbers to identify adwords clicks: Calls along with Impressions, Clicks, CPC
Navigation of a shopper in a store traceable with Bluetooth
Measure mobile:
  • JavaScript Tagging
  • Server-Side Image Request for .mobi
  • Server-Side Data Capture: packets sniffer
  • Vendor SDKs
Why TV advertising compares poorly to mobile, or does it not?
Selling mobile webs to clients as consultants is tough job. However mobile web are more measurable than TV
QR Code Generator
Eg. extension for Google Chrome
QR-codes on Tokyo underground
In Spain shoes stores with QR codes
SEO and mobile: SEO is great but not enough
Excessive ubiquity of Google on digital advertising, even on Enric’s presentation
Comscore claims that social activity on mobile is very intense in Spain
Is Near Field Communication (NFC) set to replace credit cards?

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