Notes from the World Usability Day unconference in Madrid 2011


Informal session at MediaLab Prado in Madrid, Thu Nov 10th 2011. Notes loosely written as they came from (some) of the horses mouth. They are not intended to represent a comprehensive record of the event. Sessions and Q&A were in Spanish but this post is in English for no particular reason.

Eusebio Reyero: Netnography / Quantitative analysis is not enough

Maria Jose Aguilar: Multidisciplanary teams require tolerance and adaptation skills but are highly productive

Pedro Concejero Telefonica I+D: User modelling is about to boom as a marketing tool

Juan José Rodríguez – BankinterLabs – herramientas de prototipado de tipo visio. Youtube – – contest for young entrepreneurs of the Fundacion de la Innovación

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