Books from the Kilburn Library dumped in Cotleigh Road


A small public library closed last year. I was a perfect venue to return books originally borrowed at the much larger Swiss Cottage library and to check the press.

Withdrawn books Kilburn library
We found bags full of books at the door of our lovely local library. Many CD’s of music were scattered everywhere on the pavement.

It was the end of a library that was opened on 9 July 1902. It had been in service for one hundred yeards when Camden Council decided to move it to a new building in Kilburn High Road.

The value of the freehold site would have been of more than £820,000 in 2003 if allowed to be build as a new residential block. Instead, the West Hampstead Women’s Centre will lease it.

Plastic bags kept appearing every now and then full of VHS tapes, books, CD’s and boxes for a few weeks.

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