It’s the global dimming, stupid


Global dimming is the reduction of +4% in the amount of global direct irradiance at the planet’s surface from the sixties to the end of last century. It is caused by aerosol particles released by human activities.

The global dimming has been so far understimated by scientists. The cooling of air pollution has masked the real dimension of the warming of CO2. The practical effect is that their predictions of the raise of temperatures.

Global dimming is beneficial for public health but it is declining since the nineties so we should brace ourselves for yet more surprises in the scale and immediacy of global warming and its effects.

These are definetively not good times for simple minds. The old masters used to paint scenes of the Bible to explain the religious misteries to the people who could read. How should the elite explain now the complexity and subtleties of our environmental challenges to us Internet users and television watchers?

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