Increase of nights in Spanish hotels in April 2009


Spanish hotels recorded 19.7 nights in April 2009, a 2.0% increase as compared with the same month in 2008. This increase was partially due to the Easter Week, whose positive seasonality compared favorably with 2008.
The Hotel Price Index (HPI) registered a decrease of 3.9% in the month of April, 3.4 points lower than that recorded the same month of 2008.

The ratio of occupancy was of 48.1% of the available bedplaces, 1.2 points less than the same month the previous year.

Countries Travellers Nights
TOTAL 6,577,924 19,682,136
Spain 3,908,046 9,490,862
Germany 517,720 2,995,664
UnitedKingdom 471,274 2,300,028
France 368,098 971,163
Italy 186,301 493,653
OtherAmerica 132,957 308,491
UnitedStatesofAmerica 129,235 273,760
RestofthWorld 118,207 260,320
Netherlands 108,037 403,816

Canarias is the preferred destination for foreign guests. Nights in Canarias were 28.7% of the national total and decreased 8.0% as compared with April 2008. The following destinations were Illes Balears (with a positive interannual rate of 9.4%) and Cataluña (with an increase of 2.9%).

1 thought on “Increase of nights in Spanish hotels in April 2009

  1. With the drop in inbound visits from Germany and Britain, probably the annual figures for 2009 will look significantly more alarming than these ones for April!

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