Happy Go Lucky Funeral Parlour Drury Lane


Drury Lane is a fascinating street to walk along, even by the standards of any street in Covent Garden, London. It is within sight of the mighty mason temple of Great Queen Street, it is the home of one of the very few parks where you can find sparrows in London, the first of thousands of Sainsbury’s stores was opened there in the nineteenth century, a Turkish restaurant that a friend of mine claims it has a toilet with a mural with (very) explicit sexual images, a Brazilian venue with great concerts and music, etc.

But nothing prepared me to this:

The English have a distinctly liberal approach to funerals. In the Spanish version of this blog we marveled at the services of Motorcycle Funerals, for instance. But the name of the business in Drury Lane, Happy-Go-Lucky, is just the best I have ever seen for a funeral parlour, so far, anywhere.

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