Google hosting content of Acuteaccent


Google’s declared mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The statement does not precise whose data is to be organised and  where. I got some indication about their interpretation of their mission in the latest integrations of data on Google Maps:

Google extracted a snippet from the post on Acuteaccent about the Graphic Bar in London and combined it with the address from Thomson Local, some image, reviews hosted on Google, a link to this blog, a map and one ad.

The differences between the use by Google of content of third party, in this case this blog, on their organic results and this implementation are:

1. combination of content owned multiple sources, including Google itself, a few of which do have commercial relationships (ThomsonLocal) and others do not.

2. prominence of the ad just below the first local result occupying just about the same area as the local result.

So a complete statement of Google’s mission would read “combine third party’s information, commercial and non-commercial, with content uploaded by users and hosted on Google and make the result universally accessible and useful on Google’s interface”.

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