Good SEO habits of an Ideal Boy

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I still cannot grasp why webmasters of sites would try to spam this blog. It just doesn’t work; I get rid of whatever Akismet fails to filter out. A recent one was from DesignsOnline (.) co (.) uk. Not only their homepage boasts an instantaneously off-putting design, it also starts playing a video with sound when loaded. Their bounce rate must be phenomenal, past the 70% threshold.

One of the most abhorrent pages of the site it’s about backlink building. Their package prices range from £150 to £800. These people need to get into good habits.

Now spammers repeat with me: I am an Ideal SEO Boy because:

1. Arrive early to the office

2. Check Google’s TOS just in case they change while I was sleeping

3. Check up the alerts about my competitors

4. Get rid of a few 404’s and redirect 301 a few underperforming documents

5. Fix those surreal URLs the crawler keeps making up on its own

6. Check the most recent patents by Google

7. Carry out a little bit of modelling in R and a few significance tests

8. Participate in a online conversations about international multi-language SEO and Social Media Optimisation

9. Confirm attendance to the next pub gathering with Internet-obssesed guys

10. Patiently evangelise co-workers, providers and clients alike about the importance of not spamming with links as if there was no tomorrow

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