fed up with eBay


I reported an unpaid item on eBay. The buyer got a strike and he complaint so he had it removed and left a defamatory feedback. I sent this email to eBay:

I sold the item no. [removed for this post]. The winner of the auction was [removed for this post].
The third line of the description of the item stated that the item was to be sent by post only. Packaging & posting was set without a pickup option.

The buyer insisted in picking up the item. Following a number of different excuses, the later that I have a false address (sic), he didn’t pay for the item.
He tried to extort me by menacing of leaving negative feedback if I didn’t tell him my postal address. I reported a Feedback extorsion and relisted the item.
I opened an case for Unpaid item and closed. The buyer was given a strike for unpaid item.
The buyer left a libelous negative feedback and sent me this message: “ur 80 % feedback isnt looking too good is it ?..I have informed ebay of my actions ..”
The item was satisfactorily sold to another buyer who left a positive feedback.
Now I find that the strike against the buyer who didn’t pay me is reversed and that my report of feedback extortion is left answered.
This is request to:
– remove the libelious feedback left by the buyer
– reinstate the strike for unpaid item
– consider banning an obviously malicious member with enough understanding to try to trick the process

eBay came with the usually very verbose email letting me know that they were going to refund the Transaction fee and this other message:

I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with some negative Feedback you’ve received. I do understand how upsetting it is to get negative Feedback if you feel you haven’t deserved it, but I’m afraid we can’t take it off your Feedback profile.

For the Feedback system to be fully effective, it needs to stay between members. If eBay got involved in Feedback disputes, people’s opinions on buyers and sellers would be replaced by eBay’s opinion. That’s why we’ll
only remove Feedback ratings and comments under very limited
circumstances – we won’t remove Feedback on the grounds that you think a comment is untrue or undeserved.

Their email ends by offering 3 choices:

1) Resolve the issue and ask your buyer to revise their Feedback

2) Add a reply to the Feedback

3) If you believe the comment is defamatory, complete a Notice of False and Defamatory content

Neither of them are satisfactory and above all, none of them are proportionate to the effort of keeping my feedback 100% positive. eBay is not policing his shop and I will not waste any more of my time. So this is probably the end of my experience with eBay, I very much doubt I would ever make business with them.

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  1. I agree. I have had a similar experience. I am now filing a claim for defamatory content with e-bay. Some teenage girl bought a car she didnt want, and didnt collect and has blatantly lied in the feedback.

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