EMIS Online GP appointment booking


Booking an appointment to your GP is made difficult in the UK. My local medical centre has posters everywhere prompting patients to register to its online booking service, called Emis.

Two additional problems with the so called EMIS Access service:
1. the “Internet Appointment Booking Facility” will not let you book an appointment at 8:30 am, just when you need it most if you are working
2. it failed to register two of three accounts in one session

The site has made an internal error and can’t carry out the task you requested.

We apologise for the inconvenience. An error report has been sent to the administrator.

Please try the old version of EMIS Access where a backup service is kept available when possible.

Alternatively go back to the login page and try again. If the error persists, please try again later, or contact your practice for help.

The “old version” of EMIS Access does not work either.

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