Danger junction at Adelaide Road Camden


Cyclists are road bullies, that’s what they all are. I can say that now that I gave up cycling in London for good. It is a shame because I loved it and I did try hard.

I cycled to the office in Holborn, I crossed almost all North London to drop stuff to recycle, I got over getting a wheel stolen in Finchley Road and I pedalled bravely in the rain, frost and wind. All until I broke my finger and got seriously bruised by a pothole in West Hampstead.

I count myself lucky. After a few years I saw some nasty injuries and accidents. I remember one in the ring road in Regents Park. The tibia of the ciclist was reaping open the flesh of his leg. I also saw an unconscious cyclist tended by motorists in St John’s Wook Park.

In addition of the odd insane motorist, there are plenty of danger spots in London. Like the junction of Adelaide Road in Swiss Cottage. It is a Russian roulette for the cyclists. Car accelerate hard in the gyratory to reach Finchley Road from Adelaide Road. They zig zag in competition for the lanes going north and south squeezing the cyclists in the mad race that starts at each traffic light turning green.

I reported the problem to Camden (Camden Town Hall, Argyle Street, London, WC1H 8EQ).  Camden Traffic Engineering kindly answered a few months later:

Dear Mr, Thank you for you query.
In response it is advised that the identified area is on the Red Route Network which is not the responsibility of Camden but Transport for London. (TFL)
We have forwarded your query on to (TFL) and you should expect to receive a response from them.
Regards, etc.

Not having heard from Transport for London for a months, I wrote to them myself. And the story ends there. Never heard from anyone else since.

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