Continents and Cyclothones


The economic downturn and football just bore me too much. My mind drifts now to a few other things:

– Continents are a political concept, not a geographical one. Eurasia is a mass of land sitting on one single tectonic plate (except India) and surrounded by oceans.

– maternal, child, and household characteristics are more influential in a child’s cognitive development than television viewing before the age of two. Which is an academic way of saying that Baby Einstein, owned by Walt Disney, is, presumably, a waste of money and time

– The vertebrate species most abundant in numbers and biomass is the Bristlemouth, family Gonostomatidae, order Stomiiformes. Bristlemouth are predated by jellies and larger fishes.

– Why Spotify don’t offer gift vouchers in addition to annual subscriptions? I would have bought a voucher for a few dozen pounds instead of £99 for 12 months!

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