Cocktails at the Graphic Bar in Soho London W1


Graphic Bar is the place you take someone to rescue him/her from the from the shoppers of Regents’  Street and the tourists of Picadilly Circus.  Just make up  something to celebrate and splash out on a nice evening out at the Graphic.

Graphic Bar Golden Square Soho London W1

We arrived at seven on a Thursday there without prior booking. It was packed and the staff were helpful and found us a table. The patrons were groups straight from the office, couples and groups of friends, some of which could fit just as well in any pub, which works wonders to relax sophisticated ambient bars.

The Whiskey Sour was amazing but the Citron Sour was ridiculously sassy. Ignore the forgettable snacks and order your second Citron with a nonchalant gesture of your hand. The waiter was a personable nice guy who explained to me that the place was renovated only one month ago.

The owners of Graphic are the Urban Leisure Group, who also manage 22below, Libre, The Alice House, The Gallery and The Adelaide. They promise to change the theme of the decoration of the Graphic every six months. For the time being, they at least have a decent web site,

4 Golden Square
t: 0207 287 9241

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