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Shopify How to replace the dot in price tags by dot for decimals

Go to Settings > General > Standards and formats

Shopify's default for decimals separator is dot
Shopify’s default for decimals separator of price tags is dot

Replace every instance of {{amount}} on the form with {{amount_with_comma_separator}}.

Replace {{amount}} with {{amount_with_comma_separator}} in each field.
Replace {{amount}} with {{amount_with_comma_separator}} in each field.

Remember to click the button Save to keep the changes and check the new prices on your store.

What is a SWIFT code?

SWIFT or BIC codes identify the bank with whom the beneficiary holds their account for use when sending funds cross-border. The database of SWIFT codes and the administration of the membership of financial institutions is the job of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Bank Identifier Code.

You may be asked to quote a SWIFT code when, for example, you are receiving money from abroad. The IBAN number is not the same as the SWIFT code. The IBAN identifies the bank account number and the SWIFT code, the branch of the bank holding the account. The length of the SWIFT code is of 8 or 10 alphanumerical characters. Find out more at

About VAT and Amazon in Europe

  1. : “VAT is charged on sales by within the European Union (EU)“.
  2. VAT rates applicable for items purchased at Amazon UK. The info refers to VAT rates charged by on physical goods dispatched to EU destinations:
  3. Info about Amazon´s VAT- registered customers: “About Purchasing as a VAT Registered Customer in the EU”