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The Kama Sutra horrifies me

The Kama Sutra is an excruciating account of how to get in congress with under-age virgin girls. All the book is a fastidious depiction of social and sexual protocols with no discernible interest.

How many intelligent and sensitive girls must have endured insufferable lovers devoid of charisma, style or personality in the name of the social conventions of the Kama Sutra?

Casa Carolo in Barquillo, Madrid

We had a terrible experience with an apparently OK cocktail bar in C/ Barquillo 40, between Barrio de Justicia and Chueca.

The patrons are a mix of old people who can afford a to take their trophy wife for dinner on weekdays and groups of office workers who stop by for drinks. The bar can sit 20 people distributed in 6 tables. They have an area with couches that can hold 12 people.

We booked dinner for twelve people with 15 days in advance. The day before we had a phone call at 22:00 letting us know that they had accepted the booking a group of thirty people at the same time so that they would have to close the venue to host them and try too fit 2 large groups!

You can find on all the yellow-pages directories: 11870, eltenedor, yelp and tripadvisor.

Small print in Yoigo´s mobile Internet offer

A couple of years after my post about mobile Internet in Spain, a few things changed for those interested in connecting to the Net on the move:

3€/day on pay-as-you-go buys you 100 MB a day. You can get that from Yoigo, the Scandinavian MVNO that challenges the three incumbent (Movistar-Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange). Yoigo profusely advertises 29€ for a USB dongle with 5€ credit of data. Their offer cleverly hides two catches in their small print: 1. a minimum charge of 6€ per month, whatever the use and 2. cancellation of the SIM card past 6 months of inactivity.

– Nowadays the number of Wi-Fi access points have multiplied several fold. Cities and towns are densely populated streets in Spain, so your scanning lists dozens of access points.

– The preferred method of WiFI encryption is WEP. Sniffing passwords from hotels, etc. is no longer something anyone can boast about these days.