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Freeman Dyson “Forgetting is so important: it makes room for new things!”

Alan Kay: I think the trick with knowledge is to “acquire it, and forget all except the perfume” —because it is noisy and sometimes drowns out one’s own “brain voices”. The perfume part is important because it will help find the knowledge again to help get to the destinations the inner urges pick.

Superheroes’ rudies

Our photographer captured the very instant when famous Superheroes lost control of their supersphincters.

Captain America's Splash
Captain America’s Splash
Wonderwoman's Aarrgh
Wonderwoman’s Aarrgh
Batman's Wow
Batman’s Wow
Daredevil's Blam
Daredevil’s Blam
Captain America's Blam
Captain America’s Blam

They all happen to be at the Museo ABC in Madrid for some exhibition of Spanish illustrators.

Funny how sometimes curators with super-resources lose their perspective. Yikes.

I do not want to be a banker any more

Actually, I never wanted to be a banker. The nearest I ever got to understanding the mind of a banking as a business was during my Master in Business Administration. The programme of my MBA included a last quarter of finance, business law, etc. I chose specializing in corporate finance. I had no idea what was about but I guessed that it would not be boring since it at least included a little bit of (basic) mathematics. I was also intrigued by the reputation of our teacher, a no-holds-bar passionate about stock markets and financial analysis. My choice proved right and I got interested in subjects like financial projections, leverage ratios, cash flow, etc.
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