Carlinhos Brown – El milagro de Candeal


Carlinhos Brown is one of the most exuberant musicians I ever listened to. A friend suggested to go together to watch the film El Milagro de Candeal directed by Fernando Trueba and hosted by Carlinhos Brown. It was a great idea.
El milagro de Candeal - Carlinhos Brown
The film is in fact a documentary about Bebo Valdés’ visit to Bahia. Bebo, an elegant musician enjoying every minute of his trip, thinks that San Salvador de Bahía, in Brazil, preserves the heritage of the African music and culture even better than his native Cuba.

Carlinhos Brown is mentoring the young people of Candeal, an area of favelas in Bahia. Although it remains a depressed sector of the city, thanks to Brown Candeal is today virtually free from crime and drugs.

The young musicians of Candel host Mr. Valdés and both Carlinhos Brown and Fernando Trueba offer their tribute to the old master with a delicious, colourful and vibrant film. Even Caetano Veloso is featured interviewing the Cuban legend.

The sound track is now a very interesting collection of music.

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