Car free day in London 2007


I celebrated the Car Free Day yesterday by contributing with an open proposal: make car manufacturers add warning labels to their 4×4 models.

driving warning label

As with smoking warnings on cigarettes packages, clearly legible labels should be imposed on 4×4’s. They as are as pointless as smoking, but they are more perjudicial:

  • take more resources to manufacture and pollute more than tourism cars
  • occupy more room in cities and wear roads out more than tourism cars
  • are more unsafe and dangerous than tourism cars because they are heavier (it’s the Physics, stupid)

Also, these cars are useless for off-road driving. Even their name 4×4 is inappropriate: it just make the point that those cars have 4 wheels and 4 of them get traction (are driven wheels). The name four-wheel drive or 4WD would at least save us from the bleedingly obvious statement that those cars have 4 wheels, thank you very much.

Their only reason of being is to show status and/or make their drivers feel like their cars: muscular, tall and protected. Some of the drivers of these cars are also unskilled arrogant or plainly rude. So the real menace to these cars are not higher taxes and even an outright ban; their problem is their being ridiculous.

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