Buchanan Clark Wells – Letter of Visitation


Template of a letter “Visit by Debt Investigation Officer” of the debt collection company “Buchanan Clark Wells” in Glasgow. The styling of the font matches the original letter:


Dear Mr. A**** B*****

We regret to note your account with British Gas Trading for £1XX.XX remains outstanding.

You were informed in our last correspondence of impending court action. As a consequence of your failure to contact us and agree a resolution to this long outstanding matter, we must advise you that we are left with no option other than to proceed with a Personal Visitation by a Debt Investigation Officer to your home address, in order to discuss and agree repayment of the debt.

If your address details are incorrect, or if there is a particular time you wish the Officer to call we would ask you to contact us immediately on 0871 700 1841.

Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of
Buchanan Clark & Wells

Registered Office: 24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG, buchanan clark + wells is a trading name of BCW Group plc, email general@bcwgroup.com, Reg. no SC223606 Registered in Scotland

If you receive a letter like this one, check your bills and invoices and contact your Trading Standards office immediately before taking any action.

14 thoughts on “Buchanan Clark Wells – Letter of Visitation

  1. I was constantly threatened by this Mafia organisation BCW over a debt belonging to 7 years ago and recently sent them 7 pages of verbal abuse to shut up these hungry dogs who believe they own this Country and everyone should fear them.

  2. i also have these people chasing me for money i dont owe ,i have been sending letters back telling them the facts but a few days later i get back a demand, i don’t like to swear but i must say some thing i have gotten from TV what a bunch of *****s
    £246.55 i don’t think so
    i was on contract with o2 but i couldn’t use my mobile due due to o2 but they still wanted my money, i phoned o2 many times they said they would sort out alas they never did so i never paid them ,why pay for a service that i never got,
    i have explained this to buchanan wells,but still they chase me ,i have told them to take it to county court ,now i just put the letters in the bin

  3. ive sent an email to kwik fit insurance asking them to explain why i have receaved a bill of 103.83 for car insurance when it was cancelled over two months ago it was on a monthly payment plan and was payed upto date before it was cancelled and the insurance policy was sent back to them i dont understand why they want payment yours Mr Jones

  4. they keep sendind me letter saying they are going to come to my house and take my thing for a bill of £128 43 for npower ltd this is my 8th lettere from them no more this matter is now in the hands of the blackpool police

  5. ref:eonoXXXXXXXXXXX

    further to your letter have made an aggreement with eon
    for further information please contact XXXXXXXXXXX

  6. I have recieved a couple of the same letters from BCW, i have paid part of the bill, and left them messages as to when i will pay the rest, but they keep calling me well before the date that was arranged for me to pay, and when i say that the arranged date is ????? the lad on the other end of the phone informs me that his colleague who i spoke to NEVER entered that information on the computer system, so they think that NO arrangement was made.
    Im at a loss really, do i go the police about this??
    Yours Mr Jones

  7. Do as I did. Write to them and make it clear that no one employed by or associated with their business, nor any subcontractor engaged by it, has permission to enter upon your premises and that anyone attempting to do so will be treated as a trespasser and dealt with accordingly.

  8. nothing but probs!! iv had exactly had well have the same prob,constant calls and letters, iv sent documents bk twice witch have apparently not been sent althogh half of it has only the proof that i had payed them and wen was not recived. its a dam joke. if you want to collect money owed HELP AND SUPPORT not threatening and stalking is the way to be

  9. i to have had phone call after phone call about my bill which i know i owe. My gripe is i had someone ring me and i told them to ring me on a friday when i got paid. he said that he would make a note of it then guess what yep you guessed right they sent a text and tried ringing again every day since,i cannot pluck money out of thin air so they are wasting their time keep trying to get me to answer to give them money. They can wait till i get paid on friday.

  10. Ask O2 for a copy of my phone bill and you will find out that I never had one. I DID NOT AT ANY TIME HAVE A PHONE.
    But I dide have rotten service from them on the internet.
    Paid for it for two years and could not use it.
    BCWRef. B16865539

  11. I have tried to get on you payment site to pay my bill in instalments, however I have not had any success. I wanted to make arrangement with you to pay you £20 a week starting this week. Please can you help you help as to how I can go about this? I work long hours so find it difficult to phone you. Mr A Hope.

  12. i have recived a formal demand, for £535,04, i have never taken out any loan, with anyone,, have tried to get you by phone, but cant get though, please write again, to inform me, what this dept is for, so i can go to my solicter to sort it out.

  13. Don’t let these hungry vultures bully or intimidate you, they buy debts for very small amount of money and they always say the debt is owed to their clients and as soon as they get their hands on the money they send it to their Bank accounts abroad under different names to fool and con the Inland Revenue from non payment of tax.
    No matter how much they bark let them keep barking as they cannot force you to pay and never be afraid to give them verbal abuse as that is the only language they understand and if you don’t send them money they won’t be in business.
    Debt collectors are bully boys and are nothing but villains.

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