Best unsolicited email with a picture to make you smile


I got it at my work email address. It is the best piece of unsolicited email of the week

**** Please note we now have a FREEPHONE number: 0800 234 FRAME – (0800 234 37263) ****

Newgate Gallery | THE CITY FRAMERS | 66 Clerkenwell Road | London EC1M 5PX | T: 020 7608 2728 | F: 020 7608 2727

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm

I do not like Kate Moss and I like Mario Testino even less but I found the picture a very good choice for a mailing marketing of a framing shop.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Thankfully there was an ‘Unsubcribe’ link in the email…

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