Alan Friedman, photos of the Moon and an animation of an Earthrise


I found a few astonishing photos by Alan Friedman, an amateur photographer of the sky and its objects. Alan’s website,, contains a small gallery with dramatic pictures of the planets, the Moon and the Sun.

Arquimedes Moon

His high-definition photographs have an amazing detail of textures and relief of the surface of the Moon, which is quite remarkable considering that they are shot in Buffalo, NY, in the Great Lakes area. Just how can Alan protect his shots from the surrounding light pollution, I don’t know.

I wondered how the Earth looks from the Moon, a shot that probably Alan or any other astronomy aficionado would love to take. The Project Apollo Archive offers some impressive shots of the Earthrises from the Moon, taken by Apollo missions.

I combined a number of photos taken by Apollo 11 in an animated gif. The animation seems to show motion both in Apollo 11 and the Moon:

Earthrise from Moon

Source: from The Project Apollo Archive

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