Abusive charges by Virgin Media


I used to dial a free number to report problems with my service as a former Telewest customer. Life with Virgin Media (merge of NTL and Telewest) is not getting better.

I received this email from my Internet provided, Virgin Media (former Telewest), on June 15th 2007:

From 1st July, our broadband helpline number is changing and from then on it’ll cost 25p per minute to call from a Virgin home phone, plus 10p to connect. Mobiles and other networks may vary. The new number is 0906 212 1111. […]

We hope that helps and that you continue to enjoy the same great service!

The Virgin Media team

It costs at least 35 pence to enquire about their own service! That is abusive! Even Thames Water don’t go as far as charging 5 pence per minutes with their 0845 number for… reporting leaks and emergencies.

Virgin Media is testing my patience. After a number almost weekly letters detailing their failure in negotiating a renewal of Sky’s channels, they merrily announced an increase of more than 15% of their basic tariffs.

I don’t know what to make from the last statement of their email: they “hope that helps”. What exactly is supposed to “help”? Surely scamming their loyal customers should help them pay properly written notices?

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