about acute accent

acuteaccent (read as “a cute accent” or “acute accent”) is a half-hearted attempt of a blog.

The author is a Politically Exposed Person in his condition of Princes of the Rebel Alliance and Jedi guy.

the power within acute accent


acuteaccent is actively working to be closely associated with anyone who wants to bring down the cesspool that is the Imperial Senate and restore the Republic.

You, Lord Vader and your latest associates, those oligarch lackeys, have your days numbered. You have been warned.


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There is a Spanish version of the Acute accent blog: Acento agudo

One thought on “about acute accent”

  1. Hi there,

    This being a self-described “half-hearted attempt of a blog”, I was wondering how attached you are to this particular URL /social media handle. You see, I have been wanting to start a full-hearted web presence with this very name for some time, given the accent in my own name and the wordplay in the title (which it sadly loses with the addition of underscores or such). Might there be any chance of my convincing you to give it over?

    Thanks for your time!

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